Award winning Cape Town Design Strategist, Dee De Kock started her career in fashion, and then moved into interior design. She uses her extensive creative and retail experience to transform interior spaces, develop brand experience incorporating interiors, product, clothing and corporate identity. She has developed a unique range of luxury furniture and lighting ranges, which have been exported and sold in high-end stores internationally. More recently she has spent the past few years creating unique concepts for leading property and hotel groups in South Africa.

Dee has the ability for turning the ordinary into extraordinary, through her creative eye and her extensive design and architectural knowledge.

From super-yachts, to commercial projects each design project or interior is underpinned by strong concept and carried out with a fine design detail. Her strategic approach to creating unique brand-led interior spaces, makes each of her design projects more than just a beautiful interior spaces.

Her relentless passion and thorough understanding of architectural design has ensured that each project is expertly executed.

Driven by her passions to fly, Dee put her heart and mind into getting a commercial pilots license. Getting her wings was no mean feat, but has been well worth her effort, as it has allowed her to see things differently, with new perspective.

Dee’s design philosophy is - Style is a way of saying who you are without speaking. Her inspiration comes from keeping her eye’s open, as she believes that inspiration everywhere.

Style is a way of saying who you are without speaking. Her inspiration comes from keeping her eye's open, as she believes that inspiration everywhere.


  • Paul Davis & Partners

    “Dee’s initiative and entrepreneurial spirit has resulted in her building a unique brand both product design and interior contract delivery…her strengths and professional demeanor makes her a valuable asset to any design team…”

    Pedro Roos
    Paul Davis + Partners
  • Queensgate

    “…she is internationally recognized and locally respected as one of the best….” “she brings liveliness to the office… her sense of humour and ‘go-getter’ attitude made her popular…”

    Roland Buler
  • J Snel

    “everything she touches turns to gold….I have great respect for her….. her love for style, her high standards and her professionalism shows from day one and clients needs are met with what seems to be an effortless talent….” “ she has the ability to push creative boundaries, creating concepts which are always fresh, vivid and memorable – a true inspiration….” “ she is a go- getter and a breath of fresh air… life is simply not the same once you have had a taste of her talent…..”

    J Snel
    Freelance Consultant
  • Conversation Capital

    “…I have had the privilege of working with Dee de Kock over the past 16 years…had the pleasure of experiencing her ability to create outstanding concepts and interior spaces. Dee has a unique combination of meticulous project management skills and high levels of creative energy and insight…”

    Tziona Kerton
    Managing Director
    Conversations Capital
  • Planet Paul

    “…I was immediately struck by her energy and attention to detail….Dee was surrounded by people listening to her…… she has a great asset, her ability to connect with other human beings… all great ingredients when it comes to the design industry….”

    Artist Paul du Toit
    Planet Paul
  • LKS Design and Development

    “ ….Dee is a highly creative yet fiercely disciplined individual with extraordinary drive….” “…..Dee took on the unfathomable task of training to become a helicopter pilot and is now qualified…she had an extraordinary goal in mind and set out to achieve this …. She is truly an extraordinary woman and brings the most wonderful positive energy to anything she is involved in…. she is a highly talented designer and anyone who has the privilege or luck to work with her will be so much richer for her experience……”

    Richard Lankester
    Managing Director
    LKS Design and Development
  • Province Lighting

    “…we have found her strengths lie in conceptualizing unique design, she has an exquisite sense of style and taste and is able to ‘think out of the box…”

    Juliet and Jurgen Chemelli
    Province Lighting
  • Interactive Africa

    “…and highly recommend her design savvy, ingenuity and project management. She is a stalwart of South African corporate and interior design sector, and is held in high esteem by her peers…”

    Ravi Naidoo
    Managing Director
    Interactive Africa
  • Albert Carpets

    “I have always found her to be professional and a pleasure to work with. Dee is very well known and respected in the design industry……”

    Peter Simon
    Managing Director
    Albert Carpets
  • Blue Collar White Collar

    “…. I have known Dee for 20 years and worked on various projects with her……she is passionate and extremely creative and is more than capable to deliver in any of these areas……”

    Paul van der Spuy
    Blue Collar White Collar
  • Southern Charter

    “….she is a warm passionate person who is committed and fully engaged in any project that she tackles, be it flying, interior projects or cooking…. She sees everything through to the end and does it with energy and drive….she is creative and easy and fun to work with…. She is professional and does everything with passion and a sends of fun and drive….”

    Ursula Maritz
    Fund Manager
    Southern Charter
  • Davis Langdon

    “…she is a well known and respected designer in the industry… dee is incredibly talented and creative designer who really goes the extra mile to make her projects look spectacular… who is very professional, dedicated and brings creativity and flair to all her work…”

    Nigel Sessions
    Davis Langdon
  • Steven Graham

    “ ….I have known Dee for many years… not only is she an accomplished helicopter pilot she is an extremely talented designer….. she is organized, efficient, extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages….her communication skills, both written and verbal are excellent….”

    Steven Graham
  • Personal Assistant

    “…Dee is a breath of fresh air – pushing creative boundaries with every project she faces, she contributes something so special to this world, and to the individuals who work with her … life simply is not the same once you’ve had a taste of her talent.”

    Janene Schnelle
    Personal Assistant
    to Dee de Kock
  • The Property Magazine

    “…Dee with her creative streak and energy…a fun-loving if ditsy, energized mad-hatter type personality…keen sense of business and a driving ambition to succeed.”

    Christopher Evans
    Creative Director
    Property Magazine
  • Spier Holdings

    “…i have great respect for her lateral thinking ability and energy in creative and execution phases of a project…… she is articulate and enthusiastic with fine attention to detail…”

    Vernon Davis
    Spier Holdings
  • ID Solutions

    “…dee’s excellent understanding of global trends as a result of her vast travel experience all over the world has also given her a good understanding of contemporary ideas which is evident in her conceptualization and presentation techniques…”

    Sean Weldon
    Managing Director
    ID Solutions
  • Kurgan Kunani

    “She has an established reputation as one of the leading Interior Designers in Cape Town and has tremendous design flair…”

    Daniel Kurgan
    Managing Director
    Kurgan Kenani
  • M-pire

    “…dee’s credentials speak for themselves. There are not many designers out there with such good talent, so much experience and such powerful connections in industry…”

    Robert Thomson
    Managing Director
  • Arkiteckto Design

    “Dee is exceptionally creative and can adapt herself to perform for whatever the job at hand calls for…her talent for visualizing the end product is rare”

    Marc Piotrowski
    Managing Director
    Arcitekto Design
  • Stucke Harrison Architects

    ” dee proved to be a very creative designer, providing innovative conceptual proposals and solutions. She brought an enthusiastic and committed spirit to the project……”

    Arno Church
    Managing Director
    Stucke Harrison Architects
  • Nicola Hadfield

    “with more entrepreneurial designers such as Dee pushing ahead to the fore, who needs to look any further?”

    Nicola Hadfield
    Managing Director
  • VISI

    “…dee is an excellent designer that will give life to any challenging project. She has enormous creative energy and will be a great asset to any interior project…”

    Sumien Brink
    Editor & Creative Director
    New Media Publishing
  • Design 360 Architects

    “I have always found her a pleasure to work with, an inspiration of ideas…. The projects and conceptual ideas have always provided the project with an edge….”

    Gavin Mitton
    Managing Director
    Design 360 Architects
  • Grove Primary

    “Highly respected in the design business, she is a go-getter who will not take second best…”

    Colin Duell
    Teacher and Lecturer
    Grove Primary
  • Cape Technikon

    ” dee has displayed a high degree of responsibility and ambition. She is definitely a leader rather than a follower…”

    Colleen Cocotos
    Lighting Specialist
    Interior Design Lecturer Cape Technikon
  • Up the track

    “she is incredibly talented in her field….Her projects are always creative and she does everything with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm…”

    Jenny Lloyd
    Up the Track